Brandon Lee

Brand Identity, Website Design, Photography, Print Design



Brandon Lee is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader from Northeast Georgia. Brandon was born and raised in a home with deep roots in music. Both sides of his family were Southern Gospel musicians and Brandon grew up traveling and playing drums in their family band. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he ventured out from behind the drum set, learned guitar, and ultimately found his niche—and calling—as a worship leader. 

I worked with Brandon to create a fresh brand identity, a website, and merchandise to help build awareness of his upcoming release and to equip him with assets that can grow along with his career as a songwriter and worship leader. 


The Identity

Brandon's mark needed to show a sense of masculinity and strength, but still need to be approachable and appeal to a wide range of audiences due to engaging with a wide range of audiences. I felt the Langdon typeface (designed by XLN Telecon) fit this mold well. A bold and dependable "B" is supported by a light and delicate "L" to reflect the strong foundation of his faith and the character of his heart. Beyond that, it reflected his deep country roots that are paired with his very "pop-py" choruses.


The Website

Brandon needed a central place to showcase his upcoming release, live shows, news and updates, social media and to sell merchandise. I decided to use Squarespace as his website home to give him a user-friendly interface to manage his own content. The interface is modern, clean and fun, but armed with simple call to actions so users can easily access his music or purchase a new shirt. 


Photo, Print & Merchandise


I don't always get the chance to use my photography chops with many design clients, so I take any chance I can get to do the best of both worlds. Brandon and I spent a day in a studio to shoot some really sharp portraits on a gray backdrop. I felt Brandon needed a typeface for his merchandise that expressed the energy and youthfulness of his music. To accomplish that, I used a distressed, handwritten script, which also gave way to his country roots, and gave a splash of yellow to help bring some energy into the album title, "Sweeter." Brandon loved the font so much, I ended creating a lyric shirt using this typeface.

album mockup.png
Lyric Shirt 1-01.png