Just 1

Campaign Branding, Merchandise & Print Design



Just 1 is a community that brings tangible hope and restoration to those trapped in bondage. This incredible non-profit exists to fight the injustice of slavery and human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and aftercare.

I partnered with Just 1 to build some branding around a new campaign they were launching called, "I Am No Victim," a campaign created to bring awareness to the signs of human trafficking that exists all around us. It was such an honor to know that I could use design to help inform so many people about a real problem in our world. I sought out to create collateral that brought attention to a global issue, all while keeping the positive, hopeful and young voice that Just 1 carries.



Just 1 needed a campaign logo that was bold, easily caught attention, and could be used for any other collateral and merchandise they needed. I chose a handwritten brush font that lined up pefectly with their young, modern visual style. The boldness of the font also brings a sense of urgency and attention to the subject matter. 


PrinT & Merchandise


For the campaign, I collaborated with Just 1 to create some square cards they could hand out at campaign events and more.  The cards also featured some educational content from Just 1 that brought more information about the signs of human trafficking to their audience. I also saw all merchandise as a gateway bring more traffic and engagement to their website and campaign page online. Lastly, the branding was also incorporated into their short film.